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Communicating to Vodafone’s Enterprise customer a new product designed to make their user journeys easier and less bumpy.

A collective intelligence that monitors their networks and accounts, learning as it goes to eventually be able to spot issues and fix them before the customer has even noticed – keeping their company running and making Vodafone a reliable communications partner.

The first hurdle was what to market the platform as; being a super intelligent piece of software, it was capable of learning and adapting – allowing it to understand the depths of the Vodafone network and the customer’s account history. This allowed it to spot previous fix attempts that wouldn’t work and keep a better track of the steps that have been taken throughout the course of any fix.

The logical decision was to position it as part of the team, a member of Vodafone here to serve and make everyone else’s lives easier. Eager to please, friendly and approachable – EVE was here to improve service for everyone.

Visually she’d have to be intriguing, something that hinted towards machine intelligence without coming across as a spying AI. Understated, not super whizzy but slightly alive and beautiful.

Using the concept of her learnt intelligence, EVE’s visual style harks back to the concept of making connections, forever building and expanding she’s a network of synapses that are completely adaptable to the customer’s service needs.